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Popular Cultural Considerations
Is it a fad, a phase or a feeling.

This month's issue focuses on pop culture. It has such a profound impact on what we do, think, say and imagine. How many of your friends, mostly men I'll predict, quote lines from movies? I read in a Men's Fitness once that we men should try to go one day without quoting a line from a book, TV show, movie or song. I did....it was impossible. I freely admit that I'm a slave to pop culture and fads.

The point is we're so deep in the weeds as we go through each day that sometimes we're like little field mice that can't see above the grass. We need to get up in the air and look down on our little patch of life. It's in my opinion that pop culture is so pervasive that we can't see it sometimes. The "quote" challenge really helps bring this to life.

Pop culture is an interesting animal. We have words to define it that have either lost their meaning or blended together. "Kitsch" or "Camp" come to mind. I want to discuss the differences and similarities of these two pop definitions with you. How can we revisit our own pop culture if we aren't sure what some of the words we use to talk about it mean.

With the same intent as defining terms I think that we need to look elsewhere in the world for pop culture too. Ironically there are little nuggets of culture that the rest of the world indulges in that we don't. We're going to touch on one of those "guilty pleasure" you may have never heard of, forgotten about or know but need to revisit. A gold and platinum rock group out of Europe. I think it's important to focus on what's happening elsewhere in your world or the world. Get some fresh perspective and understanding on what's making your friends tick. It will really enrich your life. Your friends will be amazed that you're interested in their interests.

Finally, we should admit that there are just things that become fads, a pop word we all know, that really just end up annoying everyone almost as soon as it becomes cool. I think you'll figure out which article touches on that.

I'd like to be your friend first, so get to know me by crawling around my newsletter, friends' sites and my web site. See you next issue! If you want caricatures go to Dave's site: www.davespartyart.com for more.

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Your Dentistry Today
Stationary Ensemble:

Roxy Music
English Mystique Mystifies America
-- P.R. Birk

David Bowie. T. Rex. Elton John. Slade. The Sweet. Roxy Music. Each name, an integral part of the early ‘70s English rock scene. These artists, all part of the ‘glam’ scene, were part of an essentially English phenomenon combining Hollywood glamour, sexuality, spice, androgynous wardrobes, kitsch and sophistication. Glam peaked in about two years, and began to disappear by 1973. Almost no parallel, or appetite, for glam existed in America, with few exceptions - Alice Cooper, the New York Dolls, and eventually, KISS.

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BB Buttons
The coolest local collectable.

Be on the look out for the third edition of the Burning Brain buttons. Both previous editions have sold out. They are limited runs of 100 and are given out at networking events an happy hours. Find me to get yours.

the “Chides of March”
--Chad Haverfield

Though perhaps not as profound or critical as the Soothsayer’s warning to Julius Caesar (“Beware the Ides of March”), which foreshadowed his assassination on March 15th, I am issuing a similar caution to myself (see title), as I have a strong premonition of relative unpleasantness that I foresee coming to fruition on this Saturday the 17th of March.

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Campy Lessons in Kitsch.
A serious discussion about flaky pop

Do you own a Velvet Elvis? You know the one that lights up Fat Elvis' face in black lighting to reveal the single tear rolling down his supple cheek? I did. A joke gift from a friend...that we started passing around to each other in our little "entourage" whenever someone "cheesed" out on us. It was actually sought after at one point; we went over the top in our efforts to regain the prized painting. We hit an all-time low in humor, taste and style. The entourage soon started fading and crackling until it was forgotten, over time in some dark corner of life's "attic" like that hula lamp you bought on vacation. I think my little knot of friends could no longer withstand the anti-pop and it wilted. I miss those guys sometimes.

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Bluetooth headset abuser
My first experience with a Bluetooth headset
Chad Haverfield

While dining in a Manhattan restaurant several years ago, my internal dialog went something like this:

“What the hell does that guy who just walked in have in his ear? It’s almost like a cellular headset only it’s silver and has this strobe-like light on it and I don’t see a cord or a phone. Could he be a starship commander on a mission from the future? Oh, man. What’s gone wrong and why was he sent here? Maybe I should tell him to take that thing off before his cover is – Wait, wait, wait! Before I get ahead of myself…

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