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We're All in this Together

It's the rise of spring. Everything is glowing with new life and we're all about as busy as we've been in a while. There are metaphors for business literally springing to life right before our eyes. I just planted sunflower seeds and they've burst through the ground and are vigorously attempting to grow and thrive.

Just like us.

Well, a former employer of mine was very good with looking ahead and this time of year is a great time to do it, even though we're crushed with work. The employer in question loved to refer to and quote the Aesop's Fable about the Ant and the Grasshopper. A very neat little fable that just about sums up what we forget to do in business when we're the busiest.

We get all caught up in working in our business doing all of the service, fullfillment and projects that are piling up on our desks. But we don't work on our business. We don't stock up on our customers for the summer doldrums. We don't promote our businesses either. Forgetting that there is always a downturn.

Marketing, advertising and PR are a great way to do this. Of course when business is tight none of us spend the money necessary to generate new business. Further, we don't seem to spend time on it when we're too busy either. This can be a deadly combination. Harvest your customer base when it is teeming with activity, but plant seeds in their head for the upcoming "winter" as well.

Use your advertising dollars effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner and you will have better success. Use your dollars on your existing customers when they're there and you'll find that your cost per lead and sale will fall dramatically. Marketing to your best customers is an easily overlooked tactic that is very inexpensive.

I really do hope you're all very busy and do wish you the best. We're all in this together and every little bit helps. So please take to heart that I really send these notes out to be friendly and not spam you. Everyone that has asked has been removed. I know I like to hear what's going on around me, so I'm just reciprocating.

I'd like to be your friend first, so get to know me by crawling around my newsletter, friends' sites and my web site. See you next issue!

| patrick |

Leisure Fitness
2007 Commercial Meeting:

Wilmington's Groovy Baby!

Restaurant week is a poignant reminder that it takes work to build a great economy. We have to tell the entire state of Delaware that our major city is open for business and has lots of creative places to enjoy a lunch or dinner in.

Our state and our biggest city offer some incredible entertainment channels that can prove to be a great time for a family or date or rewarding night on the town. Try these restaurants out, see what they offer but most of all...

Use them again and again. The national chains get more than enough business. These establishments are places your neighbor has created for you and yours.

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To members of the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce!

One available so act now!
Email me the word "Irene" in the subject and tell me how a custom PowerPoint template could help your business and I'll award the best essay one free custom PowerPoint design!

And your organization will be spotlighted in my next newsletter.

Everyone is a winner!
If you submit an essay to this exclusive chamber offer I will apply a $50 credit to your first order with Burning Brain Creative Studios, so your valuable time won't be wasted.

Don't Get Too Close to the Edge.
So you want to know how to design?

Well here's one simple thing to consider.

I'm tweaking my logo today and trying to get everything in just the right place, visually for the eye and technically for the composition. There is often a conflict between the two. Consider my current profile image. I am trying to get it just right because it is going to drive my whole campaign at this point. I dig it and want to have it around for a bit. So I need to make sure it is correct.

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Alien Invasion

Fun, satirical and whimsical imagery abound in the naive innocence of 1950 horror posters with alien themes and of course lampooning the government is always fun. The posters take full advantage of their size and shape to create intricate collaging that weave satire, politics and alien fun together.

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Dependability and Innovation

That should be Tech-Savvy's motto. Or at least their principle's...Ray Buchta. I have had Ray as my most dependable partner for the past four years and again he makes me look better than I am.

In this case Ray and his team bring my web site designs to life with great functionality like calendars, shopping carts, surveys and more.

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