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Advertising in a Pub?
Don't try to solve all of your business' problems with just one quarter page ad.

I have some clients that are new to spending money on advertising, marketing and promotions. They are a lot of fun to work with because their enthusiasm is unbounded and they really do want to make it work.

But they haven't matured enough yet to realize that they can't put the entire responsibility of their business' success or failure on a logo or quarter page ad. Man, that's a lot to expect of something that takes up no real estate at all. It's really not fair to the logo or the ad. Further, they feel that if they don't get the maximum message per inch purchased they're somehow losing out.

Well since branding (logo) and print advertising (quarter page) are only two components that are part of a larger wholly integrated approach they should work in conjunction with all other media and communication to get the entire message out.

Let each piece do its part.

By selecting one or two things you'd like to remind your customers about or announce as new, you can have a more effective use of that ad space you just purchased. You must relax and trust that it will work. But you also must purchase more than one ad placement. If you plan on advertising in Out & About, for instance, you must run ads in multiple issues or you've truly wasted your money.

Print advertising isn't going to save your business, launch your business or grow your business. What it is going to do is build up your business' brand and put you "top of mind" when someone is ready to purchase your service or product. That means patience and persistence must be your strategy when using a tactical piece of ordinance like running a print ad.

Remember, white space invites readership. Don't jam every single message you can into every available space within your ad purchase. If you're only going to run one you catch yourself doing this because you know it's your only shot and you have to say everything then STOP. Revisit the idea of advertising and be sure it's what's right. Also, if you think you only need to buy one full page ad for the year, i would use that same amount of money and break the ad down in size to a quarter page and run it four times that year. This will get you the frequency and the focused messaging you need to have a successful ad campaign.

Give it a try, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

I'd like to be your friend first, so get to know me by crawling around my newsletter, friends' sites and my web site. See you next issue!

| patrick |

Leisure Fitness
2007 Commercial Meeting:

Entering the Second Tri-Mester
We can rebuild it: stronger, faster and better than before .

So far so good. The fact that the fourth issue of Burning Brain Creative Studio's "Paperless Newsletter" is hitting the street means that we've made it through our first quarter. I just used tri-mester to get your attention.

Which brings up a point that most would think I'm crazy to address: business failure.

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"SouthPaw Sip and Quip."
The first drink's on me!

We're left-handed we dwell in the "right" side of our brains and find that our intuition doesn't always jive with what is normally accepted as best business practices or what one might deem is "right".

Well I say: "Left is Right!"

I will be hosting a Sip & Quip Tuesday, June 6 at Cafe Mezzanotte for anyone that is a southpaw and wants to join forces. We can't even enjoy our pretty coffee mug because the graphic faces away. Sheesh.

Send me an email by Friday, June 2
to RSVP.

The Tipsy Astrologer
June's Outlook

An irreverant and entertaing "twist" on the month's activity related to your personality and social settings. Maybe even some sage business advice.

Bottoms up!

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Rent Party 4 is almost here!
The Opera Delaware fundraiser takes over Ships Tavern Thursday, June 1st, 6-9 p.m.

Don't miss the fourth annual fundraiser to benefit Opera Delaware in Wilmington’s Ships Tavern District on Market between 2nd and 4th. In this production the food will be the diva!

Rent Party 4 features food from twelve Wilmington restaurants, drink from local and national brewers and great entertainment:

Live music by funk-soul jam band THE BLUE METHOD and the smooth sounds of BRUCE ANTHONY!
Turntable interludes provided By DJ ZIP.

Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the gate (cash only). 21 and over only. All-inclusive price includes food, drinks and music. Tickets can be purchased all around Wilmington:

  • Opera Delaware Administrative Offices, 818 N. Market St., Floor 2R (weekdays 9am-5pm)
  • Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau, 100 W. 10th St. (weekdays 9am-5pm)
  • The Perky Bean Café, 239 N. Market St. (weekdays 6am-6:30pm, Sat. 8am-2pm)
  • National Restaurant & Lounge, 910 N. Market St. (weekdays 11:30am-2pm & 4pm-11pm, Sat. 4-11pm)
  • The Big Kahuna ticket counter, 550 S. Madison St.

You may also call Opera Delaware at 302.658.8063 to purchase tickets by phone using your credit card. Sorry, for security reasons tickets are not for sale on their website. However, you can visit their webpage (www.operade.org/rentparty.html) for up-to-date information, such as newly-added ticket vendors, June 1st weather and information about the event. RAIN DATE: JUNE 22.


SPAM - You can't stop it, but maybe you can help prevent it!
- Ray Buchta, Contributing Editor

Some days it seems like 90% of my emails are SPAM and I end up spending an hour deleting junk messages from my inbox. Late last year I turned on the SPAM filter on my mail server and it now deletes them before I download my messages. It has saved me a lot of daily deleting, but some junk still gets through. And it has also deleted some important messages (more about that later), but in the long run I think it's a real time saver.

But filtering isn't the real fix to the problem...it's only a
countermeasure. The only way to stop SPAM is to make sure your address doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Here are a few suggestions:

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