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Is it Dangling...Right Before Your Eyes?
Low hanging fruit you can harvest, inexpensively, to make your business more profitable.

This low hanging fruit is your existing customer base and you probably aren't harvesting it enough. If you don't have fanatical customer service for them already, start now. It will save, nay, earn you money in the short term without costing any more than you're already spending with them.

I'm going to go ahead and shoot myself in the foot this month. Why not? It's got to be more comfortable than the heat has been lately. It would be a good excuse to stay indoors and enjoy the fresh air conditioning.

You don't need me. You don't need advertising. You don't need marketing. Heck, you don't even need business cards. Nothing!

This is only true if you already have customers though. Why? You can make money off of them again and again. In fact it would be much, much cheaper.

It's proven that if you simply maintain your existing marketing budget and simply divert some of it for use on existing customer retention you can increase business without increasing your spend. It's simple: if you already have 10 units set aside for marketing and you only use 2 units on your existing customers start using 4. You're still only spending 10, but it's going to have results like you're spending 15!

Market to them to spend with you again next time. Market to them to try another product or service you offer (cross-sell). Market to them to try another level of improved service or to upgrade their product (up-sell). If you do any, some or all of this you can win. Win big actually and you will find your cost-per-lead, cost-per-sale and your overall marketing program will be better than ever.

Give it a shot. Dont' use me. You'll be happy you didn't.

What have I done?!

I'd like to be your friend first, so get to know me by crawling around my newsletter, friends' sites and my web site. See you next issue!

| patrick |

Leisure Fitness
2007 Commercial Meeting:

Redial: Rotary Phones
How many more times are you going to buy the same thing?

We've got to give the baby bells credit. Seriously. I mean how many more times are we going to by the same thing again?

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Get Stuck on Burning Brain
Free collectable button for you.

The newest Burning Brain button is out! Meet with me about a concern, project or creative need and receive one.

Button v1.0
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This is the second in a series of limited edition collectable buttons.

Falling Coke Bottles
Something taken out of context can become irrelevant or, worse, cause trouble.

You must watch "The Gods Must Be Crazy" if you market your business.

Before I get into this you should know that the other side of me is anthropology. I majored in it simultaneously with art in college. A happy accident occurred along the way though. It turned out that most everything I learned about how to understand, speak to and learn/share with other cultures works swimmingly in the marketing world.

Not as a metrics tool or strategy tool as an MBA in marketing might learn, but more from the holistic approach to understanding a group's world view and hence unlocking the why-how-what-where of their view on life. So you can speak to what really matters to them when communicating.

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Elegance in Advertising:
Mine that gold and those jewels for new ways to express and "empress".

- Alan Sklut, Contributing Author

Tired of wearing those stupid name tags at networking and other social functions? How cool would it be if your business logo was an elegant lapel pin as fine jewelry on you suit. Well designed and unique pins are a great conversation starter and good looking jewelry is always admired. Also, jewelry representing your business is a legitimate advertising expense.

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The Tipsy Astrologer
August's Outlook

An irreverent and entertaining "twist" on the month's activity related to your personality and social settings. Maybe even some sage business advice.

Oh, and a stiff recommendation for the drink that will either help you celebrate your success or drown your sorrows.

Bottoms up!

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