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In Progress: Leisure Fitness Retail Awards Dinner 2006

Burning Brain was hired for the second year in a row to deliver a high
impact audio, visual and multi-media show to motivate and inspire
the retail sales team of Leisure Fitness, a local company that specializes
in the retail and commercial sale of high-end fitness equipment.

This year's theme is the "Academy Awards"

We will be setting the mood for everyone to believe they are in Hollywood. We will be doing a full agency engagement delivering print, flash and advertising design.

More importantly we were engaged to deliver creative thinking to help raise the bar over last year's wildly successful super hero theme. Everything for this year is in secret development so that all of the employees of Leisure Fitness can be surprised and receive maximum impact.

Here are some deliverables from the 2005 Super Hero event:

Flash Design:
Multimedia Awards Dinner Kick-Off, click to view. Files are large so be patient. You must use your "space bar" to start the show!

Print Design:
Media credentials, click to enlarge.

Print Advertsing:
Presence Ad introduced after show, click to enlarge.

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