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Project rescue - what burning brains really like to do

Got an impossible deadline? Had a "rock star" employee flake out on you? Did you do such a great job that your point of contact did you a favor and volunteered you for a huge money-making deal that's due yesterday?

Well what are you waiting for? Contact us!

This is where we're the very best. Where working insanely fast within set constraints is the only way that the work will get done. We specialize in coffee-induced all-nighters that seem to get fuzzy, then funny, then weird and then hazy. But the whole time we'll grind. We'll work very hard to make you look like the hero you promised your client or staff that you would be. When the chips are down and there's no end in sight, that's when we come in.

Your deadline is fine? But you aren't sure how to solve the problem? Everything you've tried isn't quite right?

We can rescue that also. There is always a way, which is way different than "whatever it takes". One is just pure hustle and effort. The other is literally turning your mind inside out looking at the question and then asking one question related to the ultimate business cliche. Ready?

Cliche: "Think outside the box"

Burning Brain's big mind-bender question to find the way: "Which box?" and "What's for lunch?"

Give us a shot, at the very least we'll help you realize that you're not crazy. We are and thank god you don't have us around all of the time or you'd get nothing done. Creative, impossible tasks that make you wrap your mind around a lemon aren't conducive to "acceptible office behavior." But that's why you're bringing us in. We cause questions and keep everyone hopping. We cajole, distract and annoy and all of a sudden you've forgotten why we're there and then...

POW! We've solved the problem.

It's like flying. Not in a plane, but literally flying. You throw yourself at the ground and miss. And there you are. It's easy in principle, but the problem is you have to forget that you're falling and the ground will hurt when you hit it. You have to be distracted, somehow, while in the act of plummeting towards the ground.

You have to forget the problem to soar with the result.

We learned that by reading Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." It worked for Arthur Dent, the most hopeless human ever. So it can work for you.

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