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Beginning a New Year
Burning Brain Creative Studios turns 1 in February.

Greetings everyone. Back, by popular demand, is the Firestarter 451 Paperless Newsletter. We had a great year receiving ranting emails, spam warnings and people unsubscribing. But the great news about that is we now know who likes us and what they want to read. For all of you still on the mailing list please try to get two friends to sign up! I'd appreciate it and it will only help me create better content. Also, please send us ideas on surveys you'd like to conduct that might be relevant to the month, an event or business in general. We'll run the questions and put the results right here in the combustable column:

***Special Survey: Online Dating: Where we’ve gone and Where the heck are we going?

Speaking of better content...You all responded so well to the publication that I've added two new authors to bring us the most interesting, fun and distracting information we can create, find and make up! I've picked up so much work that I can only spend time rambling here so Chad and Carol are going to be contributing most of the content in this and future issues.

We're going to make the content even more relevant to the month's goings on. This month we're focusing on Valentine's, Black History, online dating and more.

Oh, and the always popular "Tipsy Astrologer is back in full-effect. In fact, for your convenience we've moved her to the top left content box permanently!

I hope you pick Burning Brain up as your agency of record this year. We're fun, creative, valuable and reasonably priced. You just can't beat that.

I'd like to be your friend first, so get to know me by crawling around my newsletter, friends' sites and my web site. See you next issue! If you want caricatures go to Dave's site: www.davespartyart.com for more.

| patrick |

Leisure Fitness
2007 Commercial Meeting:

They once were hot and now they’re not. Why are traditional online dating sites experiencing “shrinkage?” -- Carol Robinson

Seven out of the ten leading dating sites watched their business decline during 2006. As of January of 2006, Yahoo! Personals was the most popular online dating site, followed by Match.com. Many internet users now meet potential dates through social networking sites like MySpace, which last year surpassed Yahoo! as the busiest website. Some have questioned the logic of buying a membership to a relatively small dating pond when there’s an entire ocean where they can fish free of charge.

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A Dozen Things To Do on
Valentines Day
-- Carol Robinson

If you find yourself without a date on the holiday that celebrates love and romance, please don’t wallow in loneliness. You’ll only make it worse. Here is a list of things you can do to enjoy Valentines Day when you’re one person short of a couple.

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The "Hook-Up"
Observations and Advice from
the Other Side of the Bar --Chad Haverfield

As a struggling artist, I leaned on the bartending craft to subsidize my income for thirteen years and bore witness to a wide spectrum of mating successes. From the smoothest, most seamless of pick-ups to the clumsiest, most awkward of debacles (some of which were so horrific they made me want to take my own life for simply having been present). I’ve seen it all.

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Black History
The Oscars

The countdown to the Oscars is underway this month. Will we see another historic milestone in 2007 with three black winners? The wait will be over on Sunday, February 25th when the envelopes are opened and the 79th Annual Academy Award results will be announced at the ceremony.

When Hattie McDaniel won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1939 for her role as Mammy in “Gone with the Wind”, she cemented her place in black history as the first African American to win an Oscar. She was also the first of her race to attend the award ceremony as a guest.

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Gem of the Month...And Why!
Amethyst --Carol Robinson

The birthstone for February, amethyst is associated with the astrological signs Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Sagittarius. It is also a traditional gift for the sixth and seventeenth wedding anniversaries.

Many amethyst connoisseurs prefer saturated deep purple gemstones, especially those with pink, red or blue flashes of light.

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